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I really like the myhuddle program where you can put your scoring system in and come out with a draft list. I was reading about Value Base Drafting and I was wondering if anyone knows where there a share program that would calculate the value basic drafting.

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you have to do it yourself. you basically start with the min starting eg every team has to start 2 RBs and it is a 10 team league so there will be 20 RBs every week. so the #20 RB value is 0 and you subtract there number from everyone else in that position so if Grant is #20 and his total project pts is 200 and AP is 320 then APs value is 120. I personally take it a step farther. after I do that I then take the VBD number and start at the middle. So eg would be slaton is 10 and say his VBD is 40 I would make him 0 and subtract his number from everyone else so APs adj VBD is 80. I find this to help with creating better teirs and finding the drop off easier. I use rhinos spreadsheets to really get a better feel. Now I don't go directly with the numbers because I have my own feelings about certain players that I will take even though VBD says they are not worth that pick. I use ADP to figure out were I can get certain players to help predict where you are going to get you best values.

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