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Keeper Draft Quandry


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In need of a little help here-I am in a 12 team keeper league with a draft on Wednesday. 8 of the 10 top running backs are being used as keepers in a straight Performance (non PPR) league. I am keeping Steve Slaton and Desean Jackson-Question is, since the majority of top running backs are gone, do I use 2 of my first 3 picks on Wide Receivers assuming the rest of the league will be drafting RB's? I hold the 8th pick in the draft.

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I guess it would depend on who is going to be available...What are the other 2 top rbs and what recievers do you think you can get?


Not knowing that answer I would honestly go after one of those top rbs if you think you can get one and then a wr with your second pick. I mean yea you have Slaton but he isn't a lock. He could be a one year wonder....it happens.

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