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How Should I Draft In A League With These Rules?

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It's a 10 Team League, the draft will be randomized on draft day, so I don't know what pick I am going to get. But these are the rules....


Completions= 1 point


Passing Yards= 25 yards per point; 5 points at 300 yards; 10 points at 550 yards; 15 points at 400 yards

Passing TD's= 6 points


Rushing Yards=10 yards per point; 5 points at 125 yards; 10 points at 150 yards; 15 points at 200 yards

Rushing TD= 6 points


Receptions= 1 point


Reception Yards= 10 yards per point; 10 points at 150 yards; 15 points at 200 yards

Reception TD= 6 points


My question is this....How should I draft here? Should I still go with RB/RB/ WR or RB/WR/QB or RB/QB/WR or if I have a later starting pick should I go with QB/WR/RB or WR/WR/ QB? What should I do here?


The thing that's throwing me off is that we get a point for every COMPLETION so I'm thinking i'm going to want to draft a TOP QB.... Usually I would wait and pick up McNabb or something in a regular PPR league.


What do you guys think?

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If you end up with a pick from 1 to 6 I would go RB/WR/WR - RB in 3rd if you pick 5 or 6. pick 7-8 I would go WR/RB/RB or WR and 9-10 I would consider going WR/WR/RB/RB. I wouldn't go QB until the 5th round the earliest. there are 10 QBs who will throw alot (shaub is my sleeper). You can also get Ryan later, their rushing schedule is very tough their D is not that good and they will need to throw to stay in games. Warner will throw less because Wells will provide them a running game and their D is getting better every year.


Just my .02.

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How has scoring shaken out in years past? I would be hard pressed to not advocate getting a top 5 QB, even if it means taking one in the first round.


What are lineup reqs?

I was thinking the EXACT same thing..

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I would get a top 5 if its available like in the late 1st round but other wise you can wait for a shaub or mcnabb. Since its a PPR and a PPC try to handcuff a QB with another skill position so you can the points for catch and reception, etc. Running backs should still be a cornerstone for your team along with elite wr

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