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Keeper league


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I am in a 8 team 4 keeper league. my four keepers are

1.Tom Brady (Please come back to me Tom!)

2.Chris Johnson

3Thomas Jones

4.Anquan Boldin


I have a choice to make. As a first pick in the 5th round I have a choice between Brandon Jacobs, Marion Barber, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe. My feelings on draft for at least the first two rounds looking at the other teams keepers probably would go something like this after my pick. WR, QB, WR, QB, QB, QB, RB for first round (actually 5th) then WR, WR, WR, WR, WR(Poss. RB),WR, WR(Poss RB). My strategy is to take WR(Wayne) and when drafting comes back to me I'll have two picks. I project these WR to be avail, Santana Moss, Eddie Royal, Deshawn Jackson, Santonio holmes. What do you think of the strategy of wr, wr, rb in my draft position?Which one would you choose? I am also heavily looking to scope in on either Darren Mcfadden or Willie Parker during the start of the seventh. Again which one would you go with at RB?


RB gone with keepers





DeAn Williams

steve slaton

C Portis






WR gone


A Johnson

C. Johnson


S Smith(Car)

G Jennings

R White

M Colston

T.J. Housh




Thanks guys and gals...hope this was not too confusing

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