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WR/WR good late pick strategy?


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I'm in 2 leagues. 10 and 12 teams drafting this weekend.


I was throwing around the idea of drafting 2 back to back WR's IF I get a later pick.




My buddy did it last year and had Moss and TO and flopped.

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I did it last year in a 10 team league I had the 9th pick and I ended up with T.O. and R Wayne I did trade T.O. in blockbuster that brought ne D. Wiiliams (b4 he got hot) and AP so I dont know how much it helped except for trade value. I did win the playoffs. This year I tried it again I have drafted 8th in a ten team league, 10th in a 12 team and 12th in a 12 team. in the 10 team I got Fitzgerald, A Johnson, Hassellbeck, Palmer, RB's R Grant, McFadden, Wells, Moreno, and Hightower (Im not going to list entire teams). 10th in the 12 team I got Fitzgerald, R Moss, E Manning, M Lynch F jackson, R Bush, Rice, Hightower, and Wells . 12th in a 12 team I took A Johnson, R Moss, Hasselbeck, Palmer, R Grant, McFadden, Wells, Moreno, Benson and Hightower. Im happy with my teams in general but Im a little thin at RB on one of them. I hope this helps you.

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