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Knowshon Moreno... no love?


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no one stacks nine

I was being sarcastic.. I however am FULL on the bandwagon for not owning any Bronco's players this year (based on where they would/should be drafted). Now if B Marshall falls to like the later part of the draft well then I'd take a stab at him - but he's not gonna fall. There will be someone - in just about every league - who will draft him higher than I would in hopes that he either pulls his head out of his fudgemaker or gets traded.

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That's not gonna happen. First, no one stacks nine, second Orton is good enough and any team that cheats up in the box will get burned often enough.


The problem with KM is his extended hold out and subsequent injury. It's gonna take him half the season to get up to speed. Now, next year... stud.


I SOOOO agree. Orton had a decent year last year, with an O-line that was well below average. He will have a pretty strong O-line in Denver and if they are able to establish the run, Orton could be a pretty good FF point getter in the style offense Mac Daddy is implementing.


Now, for Knowshow.....It's extremely hard to gauge what his production will be since he has only played in one pre-season. I personally think Hillis will end up being the work horse of the running game but that is yet to be seen.

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