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what's your draft strategy for a league with these rules?


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10 team redraft, 2 pts for every 5 recepts, standard scoring otherwise, lineups are qb, rb, rb, rb/wr, wr, wr, wr/te, te, k, d


I will not know my draft spot until we get there, but as you can see up to 4 wr's possible to start. at what point do i take wr first? any other thoughts?

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Depending on you draft position, going WR first in a PPR after the 6th spot is becoming a pretty common strat.


Yeah, but that PPR is more of a bonus setup than a true PPR scoring setup.


Much of it depends on who goes in front of you, but a simple BPA approach is your best bet. If you have the 8th pick and the first 7 are all RBs, then I could see going Wr in the first, though I'd probably be hard pressed to do so given that you can start up to 3 RBs.


One thing is for sure... I wouldnt take a QB very early in this setup.

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