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Dump Gates for R.Rice and a Pick?


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I play in a keeper league where we must keep four players. We can only keep players drafted in the FOURTH round or later and we can only keep them for three years. I am very fortunate that I have the following four keepers:


T.Brady (last year)

M.Forte (two years)

M.Turner (last year)

A.Gates (last year) - mandatory TE league


As you can see, my keepers are great...but other than Forte, the rest will go back into the redraft pool next year. I have been offered the following deal.


I give A.Gates

I get Ray Rice (two year keeper) + his 4th round pick (4.8)


I project guys like J.Lewis, A.Bradshaw, S.Greene, M.Bush, J.Davis, T.Holt, T.Gonzo, Cooley, Winslow will be there for me in the fourth round with the pick I acquire.


So, am I better off keeping Gates for this last year or trading Gates and acquiring R.Rice + one of the players listed above with the extra fourth round pick? Will Rice be the man in Balt?

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Actually I'd probably go with this one....if you can get Rice for 2 years and a 4th round pick. I mean yea I doubt Rice will produce like a stud rb but if you can have him for 2 years he will be a great number 3/flex option. And if you can sign Gonzo or Winslow to replace Gates then you'd be in good shape. But really looking at those other 3 players you have a solid core. You don't have to go TE with that pick. I don't know who else is going to be on the market for you but landing somebody like Greg Olsen or John Carlson would be a good pick because this year they should both have decent numbers and in the future they could be top 5 TEs....and in my experience with the standard yearly leagues Carlson has been going really late and in one of my leagues he wasn't drafted at all and I picked him up as a FA.


So in short, I'd pull the trigger and have Forte, Turner, and Rice @ rb, with Brady @ qb you probably wanta focus on your WRs and like I said go after a guy like Olsen or Carlson later if they are available.


I think that would give you a nice looking team.

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