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I have been offered Chris Johnson & Steve Breaston for Larry Fitzgerald. This is an auction/keeper league ($225 cap). If I went through with the trade, then I could keep Johnson for $7 next year and Breaston will be $6 (really cheap - only about 6% of my total budget). To keep Fitz, it would cost me $29 (still pretty cheap).


If Boldin gets traded, then Breaston becomes the #2 WR...Also, Fitz had a great year but the yds/TDs came when Boldin was banged up, in my opinion. I thought Warner looked for Boldin in the red zone.


My RBs: LT, Jacobs, Beanie Wells, Julius Jones.


My other WRs: S. Holmes, L. Coles, L. Robinson, P. Crayton



It would leave me thin at WR unless Breaston becomes the #2 guy. And I could start 3 RBs, if needed.


Would you do this trade?

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I'd hold on this one. Johnson will probably see a sophmore slump and breaston has a banged up knee and will be out for a few weeks. I don't look for Fitz to put up as big of stats as he did last year just because that is so hard to duplicate but he will come prety close. And really I look for them to keep Boldin...I don't see a trade coming...if they did they'd be stupid.

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