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Anthony Gonzalez


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Where the Indy receivers will line up will depend largely on where Reggie Wayne is on each play.


Indy Star article to that effect


It sounds as if Gonzalez will be on the outside regardless of where Wayne is, though I don't know how that negatively impacts expectations. Wayne will be the guy drawing attention, and Gonzo will be on the field as the #2 with Clark and Collie and/or Garcon in the mix somewhere. I'd be pretty comfortable with him as my WR3.

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I think IND will look to maximize its WRs. If it does that, Gonzalez is more suited for the slot and Garcon is very capable of playing on the outside. Gonzalez and Collie are essentially the same player - albeit that Collie still is a rookie and will go through rookie growing pains. Putting Garcon in Harrison's spot just makes more sense for the success of the passing game. If you have a guy capable of playing out wide who is proving himself to be a good WR with upside, why put 2 slot guys on the field at the same time?


I do think you'll see rotation, though. And that rotation could include Garcon and Collie on the field at the same time, with Gonzalez getting a rest. Why not use all 4 guys? And that bodes well for all 4 guys, as well as Manning. Gonzalez will get his, but Manning with his WRs and Clark could put up obscene passing numbers this year. That also bodes well for Brown & Addai. Teams are simply going to have to play nickel as a base D against IND, and probably go to dime a significant portion of the time. The running lanes ought to be wide open with a lot of DBs trying to tackle in the open field.


This team is a matchup nightmare for any D, no matter how good.

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