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Keeper Advice

The Cursed

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TDs are worth 6

10 yds rush are worth 1

5 bonus pts for 100yds rush

Not a PPR League


We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Def, 1 K.


The way the keeper system works is you give up the round you drafted the player in the previous year.


So I drafted Forte in Round 5 and Slaton in Round 9.


Who would you keep?

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I'd lean towards Slaton. I think you can still grab a solid player (WR3, RB3, TE1-2) in the fifth. What are the keeper rules for these players for next year? If you lose rounds each year, that means you could have Slaton for his entire career.


You can only keep a player for 1 year. So next year Slaton/Forte would be back in the "draftable" pool.

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We actually just found out our draft order as well, and I am the recipient of the 1st Overall Pick of this Years draft.


I am now leaning more towards Slaton so at pick #4/5 on the Snake I can take the TE/WR to finish up my Starters...


Will probably look like this:


Adrian Peterson (Round 1)

Brady/Brees/Manning (Round 2)

Wayne/Jennings/Johnson (Round 3)

Colston/Housh/Boldin (Round 4)

Witten/Gates (Round 5)

Slaton (Round 9)

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