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IR fill in for Schillens?


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OK I did pretty well in my draft. I took Schillens with the last pick and I can put him on IR. That frees up one more spot. Who do you like as a flyer with some upside?



12 Team PPR league


WR= Bess, Clowney, Austin, Garcon, Hurd, T. Williamson, J. Walker


RB= M. Bell, Forsett, Chris Henry, Edgerrin, D Ware, Wynn (I already picked up Coffee 'cause I have Gore)


TE= Coffman, Finley (I have Gonzo and no backup)


Anyone stand out or close my eyes and throw darts? I'm leaning WR at this point. (Bess?)

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I personally like Edge b/c he's a RB, but if you are deep at RB Bess would be my choice for WR solely becasue of his potential position on the depth chart in Miami. And it is a a PPR league so you minus well go with Bess seeing as Edge probably won't get targeted many times.

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I'd go with Bess, he'll be the number 2 wr with Ginn but last year Bess had somewhere around 50 rec and in a ppr league that isn't awful for a guy your pickin up off of waivers and if he steps is up this year who knows maybe he can have a real breakout year.


As for RB I think James and Bell have about the same value rushing but James has the advantage in terms of rec...he has better hands and he will probably see more of the goal-line work and get some tds. Bell will have to fight Bush and Thomas for running time whereas Edge just has Jones to really challange him.


I don't think either of those TE's are worth any consideration.

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I picked up Hillis with my last pick. Would you rather have Hillis or Edge or Bess or two of the three?

Why would ANYONE want a Denver RB not named Moreno? Even with that, they've COMPLETELY gone backwards. They let go of one of the league's top 5 QB's and in turn replaced him with one of the league's BOTTOM 5, they have a stud WR (Marshall) who doesn't want to be there and is doing nothing but burning bridges and trying to force his way out.. Just today it was announced that he is suspended for the remainder of the preseason due to his actions. That leaves the only weapon to be Eddie Royal - a 2nd year WR in a new offensive system.. Good F'ng Luck to ANYONE who takes any Bronco this season..

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