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I am in a league with standard scoring and i need to pick up a back up running back I only have one. Somehow Fred Jackson is available I crossed him off my list during the draft so I thought he was drafted so I was going to try to pick him up off waivers when they start tomorrow, but now I see he might be hurt.


Should I go for


Fred Jackson

Leon Washington

Ahmad Bradshaw

or Glenn Coffee



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How many backs do you start in your league? If its only one then I guess your okay but if you start 2 you should really think about making a trade for another quality back.


But if your wantin to peace your backfield together and make your number 2 back based on matchups then I'd go in this order


Jackson over the first three weeks, if his injury isn't serious he'll be the guy while lynch is down...if Jackson can't go see if Dominque Rhodes is available, he can still do it....he won't put up moster numbers but none of these gusy really will.


If that isn't an option then I'd look at Leon Washington. He has the most value throughout the season, he averaged 5.9 ypc last season and they want to get the ball in his hands more which is good.


Ahmad Bradshaw, I think earth wind and fire is done now that ward is out and jacobs is injury prone which means that bradshaw could get some more carries and he is explosive. The problem is that with no real recieving threats the defense can play their safeties closer to the line and not have to keep guys deep.


Glenn Coffee, I just don't think he will see enough carries to be a factor unless Gore gets laid up.


If they are available some others you might consider is Donald Brown who I think will be a good option this year even as the number 2 and Lesean McCoy who will back up Westbrook who I don't expect to stay healthy all season. But really none of these guys are week in and out starters. Like I said though if you want to sign and drop a guy every week based upon injuries and matchups you might be able to skim by but it'd be tough, I'd trade for another back.

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Thank you very much for the detailed response, I really appreciate the feedback. I do have 2 starters right now, I have MJD and Steve Slaton. What I was worried about is that I have Cedric Benson and L. McCoy as my only backups. I thought that I might grab one of these guys just in case I need someone else down the road. We can do a free drop and add each week and I figured I didn't need to keep a backup K if one of these guys might have potential. Thanks again for the response.

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