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"Bubba burgers" - going downhill?


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For those who don't know these are a brand of burgers which generally are known to be good quality burgers (pre-made patties). I hadn't had in awhile so I got a pack the other week - still seem to be pretty good overall but also seem to be way greasier (fattier I guess) than I recall. Yeah I know you don't want too lean of meat for a burger and I'm all for a little grease w/the burgers, but these were going too far the other way, just gushing w/grease. Also they seemed kinda bland somehow. Anyone else buy these? Agree/not?

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I tried them a few years ago... good, not great.


After all the ecoli problems, I no longer buy the frozen patties at all. I buy 80% ground chuck from the supermarket instead. All of the contaminations have come from these big regional or national beef paddy producers. I just think that in hughmoungous meat packaging plants it's nearly impossible to keep it clean enough to avoid contanimations. I used to buy Topps burgers all the time... one bad infection, and they went out of business.

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