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Draft Advice Needed! How would you draft with my scoring system, ie. RB, WR, RB ?


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I have looked at other people's posts, but my league's scoring is a little different than other leagues. It is more old school. Here is the scoring system and how many players we start and must have on on team at all times.


There is no trading in this league and no PPR. Wide Receivers and Tight Ends are the same. THIS LEAGUE IS A 10 Team league using the snake drafting system with a little alteration. Everybody ends up with back to back picks sometime throughout the draft. We don't find out what pick we have until an hour before the draft. Doesn't give us the time to plan strategy, so we have to prepare for everything. By the way, we have been doing this league, or this type since the early 90's.



You must have on your roster at all times


2 QB's, 5 RB's, 6 WR's/TE's, 2 Kickers, 2 Defenses


We start 1 QB, 3 RB's, 4 WR's, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense




5% passing yards, 10% Rushing and Receiving yards. 5 Points for all offense TD's passing, receiving and rushing. I really don't have to go into kickers and defenses. Both will go in later rounds.



In the past this league has gone RB crazy in the first two rounds. Last year the 10 guy used his back to back pick in round 1 and 2 to get Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Most of these guys will probably go the first two picks RB's with some going RB and WR. Usually the QB's don't go until late 2nd round, but most often the QB's start going, that is the elite (ie Brady, Brees) in the 3rd round.



Last year I went RB, RB, QB and WR


I was in the championship game, but that is because I was lucky. I took Gore 1st, MJD 2nd then Drew Brees with 3rd. I got a little lucky with my second WR I picked at the 5th pick, Anquan Boldin and Kevin Walter as my 5th WR.



This year I was thinking of going RB, WR, RB, QB.


I want a top tier in each category if possible. I know that most likely in the 4th round Brady and Brees would be gone, but Peyton Manning or Aaron Rogers might still be available, even Philip Rivers would be ok there.



What do you think my strategy should be, especially with my scoring system, number of teams and past precedents.


Thanks. I look forward to the advice.

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don't believe we can say anything magic like go RB<WR<RB there is no way of knowing who will be where unless you have the first pick.


Lets say you pick DeAngelo and then in the 2nd round LT is sitting there. Do you think you should go WR because that's what you had as a strategy going in?


I believe in the first 2 rounds you take the best player and then fill in the rest of your team as you go. if 8 QBs go in the first 3 rounds screw it you don't need to pick one just because it's next on your list.


Good luck


let us know how it goes, but all I can say is you have to be flexible and take what you are given

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