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Schaub staying healthy story


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I found this interesting.I haven't seen him much in games up here but he has to avoid these hits. He's a very talented QB and they need him healthy.


"Schaub, Rosenfels together again


Note: John McClain's first of his weekly chats on Chron.com will be Tuesday at 11:30. He may go for an hour or two hours, so get your questions ready.


I just got off the phone with Vikings backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels, who is excited about returning to Houston even if it's a preseason game and he has no idea how much he'll play.


I'm writing a story for Thursday's Chronicle on Rosenfels. From Minnesota's standpoint, all we know about the Monday night game at Reliant Stadium is that Brett Favre will start and play the first half. Rosenfels, who missed the last game because of an ankle injury, practiced with his teammates today.


There are reports, including one today from Profootballtalk.com, that there is a faction of players in the dressing room that wants Tarvaris Jackson as the starter over Favre. Jackson is coming off an excellent game against the Chiefs.


There also is a faction that wants Favre. There doesn't seem to be a faction behind Rosenfels, at least not yet. During his three years with the Texans, Rosenfels was outstanding in preseason and better than average most of the time in regular season. He was 6-4 as a starter the last two years when Matt Schaub was injured or ill.


Speaking of Schaub, here's something I found very interesting. He did an interview with the SIRIUS Blitz today. Adam Schein and former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon were the co-hosts.


Schein to Schaub: "We talked to coach (Gary) Kubiak at the combine, and I thought he had something interesting to say about you. He said Matt needs to learn how to stay healthy. How does a QB learn how to stay healthy?"


Schaub: "I guess, you know, you kind of stumped me there. As far as learning how to stay healthy, I don't know, you just kind of, I guess, learn how to take hits better. You get in the training room more. I guess I'm still trying to learn that myself, and I guess this is the year where I'm going to learn how to do that because I'm going to be out there for 16 weeks. It's been unfortunate to be nicked up the past couple of years, but I was happy to get back out there the last month of last season to play those last four games and get back out there with my guys."


After Schaub got off the show, Gannon said, "He talked about taking hits better, getting in the training room more. I say, 'No, no, no.' I love this kid. I think he's got a good chance to be a good player, but his answer is not the answer I was looking for. The way you stay healthy, first of all, you have to look at the players who are staying healthy, guys like Brett Favre and Peyton Manning and Tom Brady [who] before last season was very durable. When you put the film on Monday morning, very rarely do you ever see these guys take a hit to the back of the head where they don't see a corner blitz or a weak (free) safety coming clean. They have great vision, great experience, great anticipation, great understanding not only of what they're doing offensively in terms of the protection scheme, but how these defensive coordinators are trying to devise schemes to attack them and get hits on them.


"So veteran quarterbacks, the ones who do a great job in terms of their preparation and their understanding, they see things early. They change protections. They get the ball out quick. They don't take any unnecessary hits. And that's the big thing for Matt Schaub, to avoid the unnecessary hits inside the pocket, outside the pocket on the perimeter when he's running with the ball. Throw it away, find an outlet receiver, but don't let somebody like Albert Haynesworth — which I've seen happen way too many times to Matt Schaub — put all 360 pounds of his body weight and pile drive you to the ground. Something's going to happen like a separated shoulder. And that's the thing he has to learn, and if I was coaching him those are the points that I would want to drive home."


By the way, those are points that Kubiak and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan are trying to drive home to Schaub.


I'm fired up to see if left tackle Duane Brown can keep defensive end Jared Allen off of Schaub on Monday night. Remember last season in the Metrodome, Allen was fined $50,000 for two illegal hits to Schaub's knees. The quarterback suffered a slightly torn medical collateral ligament and had to be replaced by Rosenfels, who was 2-3 as a starter. Schaub returned and went 3-1 down the stretch."

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'No, no, no.' I love this kid. I think he's got a good chance to be a good player, but his answer is not the answer I was looking for.

The hope was that in his 6th season, now 3rd as a starter, Schaub will start to 'get it'. As a Schaub owner that's not what I like to hear either. We'll see I suppose.

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