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Look for keeper advice...


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I'm looking for some advice on who to name as my keepers this year. Its a 10 team league with 3 keepers, or 4 keepers if I give up my first round draft choice (I draft 8th overall).


My potential keeper choices are -


Larry Fitzgerald (No brainer obviously)

Reggie Bush

Ryan Grant

Tony Romo

Ray Rice

Dwayne Bowe


Thanks in advance for your advice.



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Fitz is a no brainer


as for your other 2 or 3


Bush-injury prone


Grant-if your going to keep a rb this is the one, he is pretty close to a workhorse.


Tony Romo-this would be my second keeper, he is more than a servicable qb in fantasy circles, maybe a top 5 by the time the season is done, he has the potential.


Ray Rice-to much of a committee situation going on, Rice to me is nothing more than a number 3 back.


Dwayne Bowe-this would be my third keeper, he will be a number 2 wr this season with some good upside if him and Cassel can find some chemistry and if they can get that running game rolling with some play action.


So I would keep Fitz, Romo, and Bowe and retain my first round pick and try to target a stud rb. But if you have your heart set on keeping 4 players then Grant would be the guy.


Really those 3-4 players give you a good core of players to start with.

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I would be interested in lineup requirements, scoring system, and Opie's questions - roughly how many teams will be giving up their first rounder and who do you expect the top QBs and RBs available to be?


I think Fitz and Bowe for sure, then probably Grant. The answers to the above would dictate if I would advocate keeping someone in lieu of your 1st round pick.

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