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Draft advice for 10 team League 5th Pick


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I am in a 10 team, 1 keeper league picking 5th, my keeper is Chris Johnson

So essentially we are starting in the 2nd round, my question is in regards to WR or RB with that pick..

the scoring system for these positions is:

2pts for the first 75 yds combined, 1 pt for each 25 combined yards after, 6 pts per TD

(hard to enter into rhino's spreadsheet btw)

Start: 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flex 1 Kicker 1 Def.


below are the keepers in their respective drafting order:



2.R.Bush--i know brutal keeper..but its all he had...



5.Chris Johnson

6. Turner






The talk around the league is that the first 4 picks are going to be D.Brees, D.Williams Fitz, A.Johnson


leaving me the choice of Moss and LT....honestly i was hoping that LT would go in place of Williams so that my selection would be easier..i would pick Moss in a heartbeat then...only cause i dont trust Williams schedule this year..


i like the idea of having a upside RB in Johnson and a elite WR in Moss, i figure then i could get someone like R.Brown with my next pick

but i dont know if i could turn down the option of having a solid RB core with LT...if i went that way i probably would get TJ or R.White after...

i dont do QB's untill much later...


what do you guys think would be my best start to the draft??


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thanks guys for you thoughts...my draft is in a couple of hours

because of the amount of RB's that are actually off the Board already, i'm thinking of leaning towards picking a RB first if it comes then pick up a Reciever like Jennings or Coleston in the next round...

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