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#9, i know my options.....sway me


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Alright, I know all about everyones philosophy with the WRS this year and the tier differential........

Here is the dealio.....I am in a 1 keeper 12 team league. It is non ppr with 6 pt qb scoring. I have michael turner costing me a 6th round pick.


I was gonna take r. moss because I am extremely high on him, but I just found out the guy before me is taking him and I also think Fitz will be gone too.


I think my options will be


Frank Gore

S. Jax

Andre Johnson


I am all about having a different attack as everyone else as oppose to playing the chase game, so I am moving towards the notion of taking LT while loving the san diego o-line with a healthy LT. I dont think LT is old for the quality of stud he was. Besides, his injuries were minor anyway. A toe injury along with groin is nothing. Now, knee injury- I am worried, but that not the case. I think LT will fininsh top 3 as a RB. So even if you dont think that, lets just assume I am right.

Now, would you take LT or Andre Johnson?


If I take LT, in the 2nd I am gonna look at

Greg Jennings

S. Smith

R. Wayne


If I take AJ, in the 2nd I am gonna look at- (c. johnson will be gone)


C. Portis

F. gore (doubt that)

S. Jax (doubt)

Greg Jennings

S. smith

R Wayne


In the 3rd, I will reach for qb (P. Rivers, Tony Romo or McNabb) if one of those three is there. Otherwise, I am gonna reach for

Witten (I know it is early). I feel Witten will give that advantage over other teams that I lost in bypassing A. Johnson in the first and not having an ideal qb. Witten will have an unbelievable year in my eyes.


In late 3rd or early 4th, I am reaching for d jax depending on roster outlook behind me) because I dont think he will be there late 5th

A-Desean Jackson I am super high on this DJAX this year and think he can turn into a s. smith)

B Roy Williams

T Owens

D Bowe


In the 5th, I am going and hopefully both eventually. I like palmer this year too.

Palmer or Shaub





Tell me your thoughts/ideas/suggestions please:

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Dont reach too much in the first few rounds bruh..


Unless you have got to have the guy (like Witten) or you know there is no chance youll get him on the long swing (assuming snake?) between picks.

IMO; Reaching means you arent necessarily getting good value with your early picks.


I would say go the LT route if you think he is going to be decent this year (which I do, one more year at RB1) cus LT at 9 is great value if he returns to form..Wayne, Jennigs, Smith aint no slouches if you dont get Fitz/Moss/AJons..

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