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#1 Pick --No brainer?


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AP will have good yards rushing but not as many receptions as MJD or Forte. Like rai said though any one of those three would be worth the #1 pick.


I took AP in one of my leagues but receptions aren't rewarded. If I were in a ppr league I would probably take MJD. He will be the centerpiece of that offense.

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I too have the #1 pick in a PPR league. While the ONLY other person I would consider is MJD, I'm taking Purple Jesus. His goal there is to lead the league in rushing. If he stays halthy, he has the best chance of em all to do so. And he has been working on his pass catching out of the backfield this offseason. While he's not gonna catch 50-60 balls like MJD will, I don't see 30-40 out of the question.


The thing that makes this decision easy is the addition of Favre. While he's not the Favre of old, he's much better that what they had before Favre, therefore keeping defenses honest and keeping them from stacking the box on every play.


With that, I personally see the #1 pick as a no brainer, PPR league or not..

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