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Need help on drafting rookies


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I'm in a keeper (for life) league that has 10 teams and 35 players on each team with starters on both sides of the ball. Can you please tell me what rookies you would draft with expectations past this year.


I don't have a pick until 10 so I know the following will be gone, so I want others: Crabtree, Moreno, Wells, Maclin, Harvin, Stafford, Sanches, and Brown.



Anybody? I'm looking at Robiskie, Britt, McCoy, Shonn Greene, and Coffee.


Thoughts? How about Tate, Goodsen, Collie, or even James Davis.



...keeper for life league.

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I'd stay away from rookie wideouts, its hard telling how they will end up producing, a rb is a far safer pick.


That leaves McCoy, Greene, and Coffee.


I think McCoy and Greene are the two best choices. Both back up aging backs and play on solid teams. McCoy is a lot like Westbrook and I think they will treat him as such while Andy Reid is still the coach. I like McCoy to be a good fantasy player in years to come.


Shonn Greene should also end up being the guy in NY probably sharing the load with Washington and who knows maybe somebody else but he will probably be the workhorse when Jones is done.


So both of those guys look good in the future to me although not huge impacts from either player this year.


Coffee...well I don't know. On one hand the coaches really like him and Gore is starting to get a little older and they will have to run the ball a lot and well if they want to win. But the niners aren't a great team and that means defenses can really lock in on the run. I just don't know. I think Greene and McCoy are your 2 safest picks and out of the 2 I would probably pick Greene because he seems like a little more of a downhill runner that they would keep in on short yardage/goalline scenarios but McCoy isn't much of a thumper.

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I saw him like a week ago or so but only in one game...I remember he broke a big run on either a kick or punt return. So I really haven't seen enough on him to give a solid answer. Before that game against the Eagles I'd never heard of him. I really hadn't thought about him again. I just looked up some info on him and it says he is a qb turned wr. That means he probably won't have the smoothest looking routs but the guy is fast and he does have Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Although he will be awfully deep on the list maybe the #4 or 5 wr in New England if he can even make the team. So I wouldn't draft the guy, I'd pick him up off of waivers and just sit on him for a few seasons and see what he does. Who knows maybe he can work is way up into the starting 3 within a few seasons. But first I'd see if he makes the team, or if he makes another team.


He isn't a starter for you this year unless Moss and Welker go down.

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