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5th Pick in 12 person PPR Bonus Scoring League

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I am the 5th pick in my 12 person snake redraft league, and everyone knows their stuff, so no wacky reaches will occur. Our scoring is a little different so let me let everyone know what it is first:

Start 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 DEF/Special teams


1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving

1 point per reception

1 point per 25 yards passing

-2 points for ints and fumbles lost

6 pt TD for everyone

10 point bonus for 100 yards rushing and 300 yards passing

8 point bonus for 100 yards receiving

Special team TDs count for your D


I am sure Turner, Peterson, MJD and Forte will be gone:


I am targeting the following players:


DeAngelo Williams-Run first team, Smith is hurting, should get lots of carries

Chris Johnson-Run First Team, lightening fast, may even get goal line carries from a slimed down LenDale (I would target White in 6th round also)

Steve Slaton-Great offense, PPR machine, I think poised for a big year, nobody behind him?

Fitz-I think the strongest WR in the draft on a pass first team



I would love to hear everyone's thoughts, my draft is a week from this Tuesday, and I am just as confused as I was a month ago.

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I would select between the following 3:


Fitz- Best WR in the game, your 100 yard bonus should come into effect often

LT- He is LT, higher risk this year, but you still have to give him a strong look.

D.Williams- Run first team, catches many passes as well, but will split with Stewart.

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