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Program or Website for Live Draft


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Here is our dilemma:


Eight of our leagues fantasy coaches will be getting together for our FF draft, and two of us will be remote. Is there any website that allows the league manager to pick the players for the coaches AND let someone remote pick their players? Haven't seen anything like this.


If not, we'll just have the host setup eight different web windows with eight different logins on one computer...having multiple computers probably isn't an option (due to lack of computer skills and connection issues).



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I've done this on mfl. Basically a slow draft but I entered all the picks online during the draft so the remote guys could see them. When they picked I just called out the names to the other guys in the room.


Is that My Fantasy League?



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Web Based league hosting Service. Top notch in the opinion of the majority of Huddlers.


I meant for the draft part. We have been using MFL for years now. Its nice to be able to project this on the wall for everyone at the live draft to see.


***EDIT*** I just found that I can use FFLM to do this and upload the draft.

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