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Mandating Circumcision


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that is indeed very stupid. but the context is somewhat relevant...


As far as I know I have never been mentioned in a rap song by anybody. I guess it means I've made it. I'm now in a rap tune by the famous rapper Jay-Z. (The song says) '[T]ell Bill O'Reilly to fall back. Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls.' I would remind the rapper Jay-Z: Mr. Z, it is President Obama who wants to mandate circumcision. We had that story yesterday; and that means if we need to save our penises from anybody, it's Obama. I did not know I was on anybody's balls, either. I'm happy to know that they think I am, though! But I didn't actually know that I was."


sounds kinda like he was, you know, bustin' balls.

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So, back to Limbaugh's claim. He says Obama "wants to mandate circumcision." But the CDC's eventual recommendations -- if they even include circumcision -- will be voluntary, not mandatory. In addition, we could we find no connection between Obama and the new guidance, and no evidence that Obama had even used the word in a public forum. In fact, the recommendations were under discussion long before Obama took office. This one is ridiculous enough to set the meter ablaze -- Pants on Fire!


Nevertheless, the 15,000,000 drooling primitives that actually listen to the buffoon will believe and transmit every word.

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