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OK....Here is how it will work. The top 10 pre-season are listed below, we all know it will not look like this at the end of the season...what do you think the top SEVEN will look like at the end of the regular season in order from 1-7?


List out what you think the top 7 AP top 25 will be in order from first to seventh. You will be scored as follows, like golf, you want a low score.

Every position that you hit on the nose = 0, for those teams you have ranked too high, you will get (2) points for the difference (you have Bama at 4, they finish at 9 = minus 10 points), for every team you have too low you get (1) point (you have OSU at 7 they finish at 5 = minus 2 points.


Please note this is BEFORE bowl games are played, we will cut the entries off in a couple of weeks, I will post mine in a seperate post, winner gets braggin rights for the year....yes very bored and ready for some fn football!


1 Florida

2 Texas

3 Oklahoma

4 Southern California

5 Alabama

6 Ohio State

7 Virginia Tech

8 Mississippi

9 Oklahoma State

10 Penn State

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