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10 team league, #5 pick


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10 team league, non-ppr, 10 yds rushing/receiving = 1 pt., rush/receiving td = 6pts, passing td = 4pts, 25yds passing = 1pt.


I know I am going RB, but not sure whom yet. I am thinking the first 4 picks will be:

1. ADP

2. MJD

3. Forte

4. Turner


So I could go LT, S-Jax, Chris Johnson, Deangelo or other.


If Forte fell to me, I might pass. I am in Chicago and know they plan on spelling Forte a lot. They know he was worked too much last year and now that they have a better QB, healthy backup at RB, which equals more rest for Forte.

Turner concerns me a bit. Tough rushing schedule, workload...


LT was pretty damn good last year considering injuries. He ranked 5th in total RB pts in my league.

Johnson could be a beast. They have a softer rush schedule and although Lenwhale will vulture goal line tds, he doesn't have the upside Johnson does.

S-Jax worries me. He is often injured and plays on a bad team. Not in love with the guy.

Deangelo could be good too. I do not believe he will post last years numbers, but with Stewart no even practicing, I can see them relying on Deangelo more.


Any thoughts on the 5th pick?

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I've got the 5th in a 12 on monday night and I'm leaning towards LT2. I'm worried that its romance from the past clouding my eyes, but SJax worries me as he's the only thing the Rams have; DWill might repeat, so he intrigues ... Chris Johnson is too much RBBC for my tastes as an RB1... It feels a bit too early to take a WR ... Hmm. I think I'd go LT2. Am I wrong?

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I'm not a huge DeAngelo Williams fan but it comes down to he and LT for me. DeAngelo is healthy and still a fresh back who scores some TDs. LT could be on the way out. If it were PPR? no way I go DeAngelo but since it's performance?...I think he's your man. It feels weird to say it, but I think Williams is really a safer pick.

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