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Coomish Advice: Add/drops during preseason


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I was looking for some commish advice, hopefully this is the correct place to post.


For you other commissioners out there: Do you allow add/drops between your league draft and the start of the season?


I am the commissioner of a 10 team redraft league. This is my league that I started 2 years ago after dropping out of other leagues because I could not stand any more fighting, bickering and uncompetitive practices.


Anyway, I do not allow add/dops between the draft and the regular season games and have never actually been in a league that has. I was a little surprised when an owner emailed me and said he could not pick up player X. I told him there are no add/drops during the preseason, so he will have to wait until after game 1 of the regular season and hope he can pick him up off the wire (during the regular season we use waivers to keep it fair).


He did not take kindly to this and posted to our message boards, trying to get other people in on his cause, so a couple people have been applying the pressure to open up add/drops. Funny thing is, in 3 years, I have never allowed this and no one ever had a problem with it. Not sure why they suddenly do now.


My thing is we have already drafted. If you are unhappy with your team, you are out of luck and should have drafted better. The only reason to do any add/drop transactions is to make your team better, but why should any team have the advantage of picking up guys before any other teams get a chance? That's why I implemented waivers, to try and give all teams equal opportunity to grab players on the wire. It should not be a free for all where players get picked up by the guys quickest on the draw. I don't think that is fair.


Only 3 teams really have a problem with this and in the end, it is my league and I make the decision, but before I do, I just wanted to see if I was being unreasonable before I put my foot down and said 'No' to add/drops during the preseason.



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I used to commish a league a couple of years ago and we allowed adds/drops in preseason starting 24 hours after the completion of the draft. My view was that the most fun things about fantasy football were; draft day, transactions, setting lineups. I would rather encourage the fun stuff, as long as it's fair to everybody. The only restriction was the hours that pickups were allowed because we had owners in Europe as well as the States.


FWIW - I used to work with a guy who was not in any of my leagues. His league also allowed preseason moves and he used preseason pickups as part of his strategy. He wouldn't draft a K and instead wait until just before the season started to decide who to drop in favor of a K.

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I personally think you should run a period of blind bidding and FCFS waivers prior to the start of week 1 after the draft.

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