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Who to take in first round, keeper league


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I am drafting in about an hour, I have 5th pick where my only keeper was Randy Moss.


I will likely be choosing from: Chris Johnson, D. Williams, Gore, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Brady, Rodgers.


12 team league, standard positions and scoring except that passing TDs are worth 6.


I am leaning towards one of the RBs, after watching Moss last night I am glad he is my keeper.


Who would you take in the first round?

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What are your lineup requirements?


For example, if this is a PPR league and you can start just 1 RB and at least 3 WRs, I could see some arguments for Fitzgerald, but, if it is PPR and you must start at least 2 RBs, then I would advocate Chris Johnson. I am also bullish on deangelo this year, so while I think he is worthy of the pick in a non-PPR league, I give the slight nod to CJ in a PPR.

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