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Keeper? Calvin Johnson, Br. Jacobs, Pierre Thomas, Brees?


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Our league is auction style with 300 units available.

Since I won last year, I only get 3 keepers. Others get 5.


For keepers, we can add on an extra year for 5 extra units, and then again for a 3rd year for ANOTHER 5 extra units.


I had Adrian Peterson for $12 as a rookie and $17 last year. I will keep him for $22 this year. Great price.

I picked up Chris Johnson RB for Tenn last year for just $2. I will keep him this year for $7.


The third pick is tricky. I'd love to keep at least 4 more guys, but only get one.

I could have Calvin Johnson in his third and final year at $21.

I could have Brandon Jacobs in his third and final year at $23.

I could get Pierre Thomas in only his SECOND year, this time at just $9.

I also would LOVE to keep Drew Brees for a second year at a massive $72.

It's not as far fetched as one might think. I can see someone bidding up to $100 in this bunch to get him.

I also could keep WR Vincent Jackson of SD for a second year at $10.

Matt Cassell and Matt Ryan would be $11 and $9, but I'm not considering that either.


I think it really comes down to Megatron at $21 or Pierre Thomas at $9, with Big Bruising Brandon Jacobs a close third.

I really like Jacobs and Calvin Johnson, but Pierre at $9 is a real bargain.

So, I'm leaning toward sewing up a receiver spot with Calvin.

Right decision?


We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def., 1 ST thanks.

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So the temptation to get Pierre Thomas for 2 years at $9 does not outweigh getting Calvin Johnson at $21 for one year?


While I have many times advocated the notion of points on my bench are points not in my opponents starting lineup, CJ will contribute way more to you than Pierre is likely to, and he still comes at what appears to be a very good value.

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