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Just pulled off a trade, what do you think?


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What's up guys, i just pulled off a pretty good trade in my league, what do you think? Heres my roster


QB-Schaub, Favre

RB-Jones-Drew, Barber, Grant, Rice, Donald Brown, Bradshaw

WR-Calvin, Royal, Roy Williams, Ted Ginn, Josh Morgan

TE-Clark, Boss




I traded jonathon stewart and steve breaston for ryan grant. It's a ppr league so losing breaston may have stung a little, but i think with both of them hurt and grant i think will have a huge year i think its a good trade, plus i got to pick up josh morgan


I might be shipping ryan grant and roy williams for say a roddy white or andre johnson, what do you think? I probably will wait until like week 3 or so when ray rice blows up so he can be my rb3

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First trade was great. Stewart might get put on the shelf. He's risky conidering how long he's been out. Double back and grab M. Goodson if you have bench space. he's a nice RB and had been lined up as a WR many times this pre-season. A legit backup behind DeAngelo if Stewart cant go or gets re-injured.


Moving Roy Williams and Grant for R. White would be a loss on your part in my opinion. Green Bays offense is going to be stupid good this year. Between Roy and Grant you have atleast 15 TD's and well over 1500yds. Dont see Roddy White doing that! Last years stats were 1372 and 7 TD's. Add Gonzo in the offense and those numbers might be a little lower. I would only move those two for someone the caliber of A. Johnson. JMO!


Yep. It's a good trade.

Stewart is a nice back, but a little more iffy than Grant this year.

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