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4th pick draft advice


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6pts any TD

1pt per 10 yds rush / rec

1pt per 25 yds throw


We have a 2 keeper league where your keepers are the first 2 rounds of picks. I'm drafting 4th, dropped both keepers. I have the 4th, 17th, and 24th picks


Here's who's available that have not been kept:

WR: Fitz, Moss, C Johnson, Wayne, Jennings,

RB: D Williams, Slaton, Portis, R Brown, P Thomas, Barber

QB: Brees, Brady


Because of the keepers, there are only 4 picks between my 4th and my 17th pick. Then only 4 picks between my 17th and 24th. I know 2 of those between the 17th and 24th will be WR as the two guys right before me have RB RB so they will likely go WR.


So here's my debate:

Do I take Fitz / Moss with my 4th pick, then after the 4 other picks later, snatch up another top 5 WR, with moss / megatron possibly still being there. Williams and Slaton will surely be gone before the end of round two, but I could snag Portis or Thomas with my 24th pick.


Or do I take Williams with my 4th, still snag a WR at my 17th (might be down to Wayne, which isnt a bad WR1) and go best available at 24th. I'm leaning heavily towards WR WR RB. Am I crazy to pass up Williams (I'm not keen on his schedule but Stewart has been hurt)?


Also, if I take WR as my first pick, do I go Moss or Fitz?

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Coin toss between Moss/Fitz at #4, but I think I'd start off taking one of the two ...if Williams is there when you pick next, I'd take him then come back with best WR next time around ... if Williams is gone, take WR and roll with best RB next time thru ... you will likely end up ok no matter how it shakes out if I understand the draft selection order correctly. One last thought, I might be tempted to snag Brees with your #24 (if he's still there, but that may depend on whom you get in the 1st 2 rounds, what your proposed keeper plan for next season is, etc.

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