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Over the counter Rub

Atlanta Cracker

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We've all experienced those times where all of a sudden there is a stack of naked ribs sitting in front of you and the neighbors are coming over and you hadn't really planned on it. No problem. Rub em, smoke em, eat em. But.... if you don't have a batch of your favorite rub handy and you don't have all the ingredients what do you turn to?


I'm talking pork mainly. Baby backs or Butt but other ideas are welcome.


The reason I ask is that I just finished up my go to standby rub Bad Byron's Butt Rub which has been great. Thought I would see what else is out there before ordering more.

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I always "roll my own." I keep my rub spices separate from the everyday kitchen stock ensuring I have what I need at any given time. :wacko:

Pretty much the same thing here. I never let my supply of Magic Dust get so low that I couldn't cover a rack of ribs. Like any good Boy Scout, you must always be prepared.

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