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$100 entry - 3player keeper - season 1

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2009 DRAGON CITY Leagues Bylaws


For those familar with BOTH League TML and AnyGiven Sunday , these are the same rules aside of the fact, this will be a single division.


All funds paid into and disbursed by LeagueSafe


$100 dues


-SuperBowl winner $730

-2nd place winner $300

-3rd place winner $100


-MFL site fee $70


All dues must be paid before the draft.

* Each team will play a 13 week regular season.


One Division for all 12 teams.


13 Week regular season - Play 9 teams once and 2 random teams twice.

Top 6 teams make the playoff


* Standings are determined by games won and lost.

* Head to head results will be the first tie-breaker (applies to 2-way tie or a 3-way tie if a clear winner is


* Winning percentage in division will be second tie-breaker. This tie-breaker will only be used if tied teams are in

the same division. Can be used for any amount of teams tied.

* Most total points scored by teams will be the third tie-breaker

* For tie-breakers involving 3 or more teams,once a team is eliminated or promoted from the tie-breaker, the remaining

teams in the tie-breaker will start at step 1 again.



Toilet Bowl

* All non-playoff qualifiers will play in the toilet bowl. Teams will be seeded 1 (best) to 6 (worst). Seedings will

be determined the same as the wildcard teams are. Tiebreakers (for seeding and tie games) will be the same as the

playoff teams.

* Matchups for week 1 (NFL week 14) are 1-4, 2-3, 5 bye, 6 bye.

* Winners of each game will be eliminated from the Toilet Bowl.

* Second-round games (NFL week 15) will consist of

1.) The highest remaining seed playing the lowest

remaining seed.

2.) The 2 other remaining teams.

* Each loser (during NFL week 15) will be in the Toilet Bowl (NFL Week 16).

* The loser of the Toilet Bowl will be awarded a Baby Ruth candy bar (watch Caddyshack) and the #1 pick in the 2005





* Trading deadline is week 10.

* Trades must be approved by the commissioner to be finalized. Commissioner will approve all trades that appear to

benefit both teams. Trades that are obviously one sided or appear to be collusion will not be approved.

* Owners who have trades vetoed by the commissioner have the right to appeal to the rest of the league. The owner in

question must notify the commissioner that he appeals the decision. The commissioner will then put the trade to a

vote by all owners not involved in the trade. The trade must be approved by more than half of those teams The

commissioner will not vote.

* Once a player is traded to another team, he may not be traded back to you from the same team for a minimum time of 4


* Trades must be made 24 hours prior to any one of the players' scheduled games, otherwise the trade will go into

effect on the following Tuesday.

* Owners can only trade draft picks, and players of the same season. For example, during the 2004 season, an owner can

not make a trade involving the 2005 season draft picks.

* Prior to the start of the draft, owners may trade draft picks, players, or a combination of the two.




* Each team can carry up to 16 players, plus two IR slots. The IR slots are reserved for players put on IR by their

NFL teams or have been declared out on the NFL injury report. The player must be moved back to the active roster or

waived as soon as they have been declared able to play by their NFL team. An owner will be fielding an illegal team

if it holds a player on IR that is not determined to be injured by the NFL, and as such will forfeit his game if he

has 17 or 18 players on his roster.

* Each starting lineup will consist of:

1 QB

2 RB

2 WR

1 TE

1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

1 Kicker

1 Defense/Special Teams

9 Players total

* A starting lineup that does not consist of the above (too many in any position) will be considered illegal and will

result in a forfeit. Starting a bye-week player will be considered legal, however you will get zero points from him.

* Starting lineups may be made at any time before an individuals game has started. Players whose game have started

will be locked for that week and their status will remain the same as the previous week. If a lineup is not submitted

by the deadline, the previous week?s starting lineup will be used. (Except for week 1, which will result in a


* If you are unable to access a computer to make changes, you may call the commissioner at 239-278-5174 and make the

changes before game time of the player or players in question. If there is no answer, leave a message. The

commissioners answering machine has a time and date stamp feature.




* Each team can keep up to 3 players from their previous year's roster.

* Each keeper player may only remain on a team's roster for 3 years.

* For each player you keep, you will forfeit your draft pick for the round in which that player was originally


* For players that are being kept the third year, you will forfeit the highest draft pick not already being forfeited.

This will be either a 1st or 2nd or 3rd round pick.

* Players traded may be used as keepers by their new teams. The players original draft pick will stay with him and

the new owner may keep him by forfeiting the same round pick. This will remain the same even if the player is traded

during his second year.

* A traded keeper player may only remain with the new team for the remainder of his 3 year eligibility from being

drafted originally.

* The deadline for determining your keepers and notifying the commissioner is August 15th each year.




* Franchises can submit waiver wire requests to the league

web site by Wednesday evening.

* The order you place your waivers will determine whom you pick up first. (For example, Fred Taylor as first, Kevin

Faulk as second, and Ben Gay as third. Your waivers will be selected in that order.)

* If more than one team selects the same player, the team with the worst record will receive the pick.

* The league site will determine the waiver order based on the league tie breaker rules.

* If a team requests more than one player, that team will go to the last waiver position after the first player is

awarded. For each subsequent waiver pick-up that team will be moved to the last waiver position.

* The league site will award players during early morning hours on Thursday of each week.

* For the remainder of the week, starting at 7:00 a.m. on

Thursday mornings, waiver pickups are first come, first served and will be processed immediately by the web site.

* Once the playoffs begin, only teams that are still alive in the playoffs may add or drop players through the waiver

system. This will insure the integrety of the Toilet Bowl competition.



Draft :

* The 2009 draft will be a slow draft with a starting date that is agreed upon by all members.

* The draft order will use the following formula:

1 Toilet Bowl loser

2-6 worst to first from the previous year's

regular season standings.

7-8 based on regular season record of wild card round


9 for 4th place playoff finisher

10 for 3rd place playoff finisher

11 for Super Bowl loser

12 for Super Bowl winner

* Pick order will snake. The odd-numbered rounds will be 1 to 12, then 12 to 1 in the even numbered rounds.

* Draft picks may be traded. The deadline for trading draft picks is prior to the start of the draft.

* There will be 16 rounds.

* The time limit for drafting players is 3 minutes. If you exceed that limit, it becomes the next player's turn,

and his 3-minute limit will start immediately. You may still select your draft pick anytime after, but anyone whose

turn it is may jump in ahead of you.

* Keeper picks will be entered in the appropriate slot on

the draft board before the draft begins.



Absentee Owners:

* Team owners are expected to check into the league board periodically during the off-season, in order to confirm

that they wish to remain in the league, discuss and vote on any rule changes, and any other issues that might occur.

* If you do not confirm your status in the league, e-mails will be sent to your registered e-mail account. If you do

not respond by August 1, you will be dropped by the league and a replacement owner will be invited to join the league.

* Team owners who do not make line-up changes or NFL picks during a week during the season will be contacted by the

commissioner. If a response is not received or a second week goes by without any league activity, the commissioner

will take control of the team and try to find a new owner.

* In the time between seizure and securing a new owner the commissioner along with two other team owners will select

the best possible line-up for the team in question. This will insure that all owners will play the team at it's best.

* If the original owner comes forward to reclaim the team,

the issue will be put to a vote of the league and must be approved by over half of the members.



Other Issues:

* Any issues or conflicts that arise during the season that are not specifically covered in these by-laws will be put

to a vote of the league members. All issues or conflicts must be approved by over half of the league members.

* By-laws changes may be proposed by any league member. These changes will be put to a vote by all members of the

league. All proposals must by approved by more than half of the league members in order to become a part of the

by-laws. Rule changes will only be made during the time after the All-Star Game and the start of the next draft.

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