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Honest 2 QB League Advice on my team


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I just had my draft in a 12 team 2 qb league. We start 2 qb's, 2 rb's, 2 wr's, 1 flex, 1 te, 1 d, 1 kicker and its a ppr league with 6 points for qb td's as well. I was really excited about my team when I was drafting but now that I look at it I don't know how well I'll do. Can I get an honest assessment.


QB: Drew Brees

QB: Kyle Orton

QB: Shaun Hill


RB: Chris Johnson

RB: Clinton Portis

RB: Darren McFadden

RB: Larry Johnson

RB: Correl Buckhalter

RB: Laurence Maroney


WR: Steve Smith

WR: Roy Williams

WR: Lee Evans

WR: Chris Chambers


TE: Bo Scaife

TE: Jermichael Finley


K: Nick Folk


Defense: Miami


Thanks guys

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I think you did well. You've got depth at RB, great QBs, and even some good WRs, though they're a little weaker than your other main positions. Your TEs could be a bit problematic, but you can probably pick up a good enough one off waivers or trade a little of your depth for a better TE.

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Anytime you have Brees you have a good shot at winning! Orton and Hill.......ehhh.


Have always liked CJ..........Portis should be good still even though they say he's gonna lose 3rd down plays. Oak better get that O to score more points or McFadden is going to be a wasted talent. Larry also better play his ass off as Charles is waiting to take his job. Don't like that Cassel got hurt either.


Smith and Williams should have good years and Evans might benefit from TO double teams. Finley could be a dark horse if Rodgers really does like going to him in the redzone.


Good start......now you need a couple of your guys to perform better than expected.

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I have no experience in 2 QB leagues or 12 team leagues, but you look to be in pretty good shape. Brees is a stud and will make up for the dropoff at #2, but everyone will have a similar dropoff if not worse.


RB looks good with nice depth. WR is a little thin, but manageable. TE could be upgraded with a trade or waiver wire.


All in all you looks pretty solid.

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Very solid squad for a 12 team 2QB league. I play in a 10 team 2QB league and couldn't imagine how that would work with 12 teams. You could use an upgrade at your 2nd QB spot, but I would have to think it's next to impossible to upgrade at QB, based on your format. You could use a better #3 than LEvans, but all in all I think you're good.

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I made a couple of trades today and here is an update on my RB's and WR's. I knew that WR were a weakness. I don't know what i can do to get better at QB.





Felix Jones




Steve Smith

Roy Williams

Antonio Bryant

Devin Hester



I traded Larry Johnson and Lee Evans for Felix Jones and Antonio Bryant


and then I traded


Chris Chambers and Bo Scaife for Devin Hester and Kevin Curtis

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