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For those of you who use YAHOO for your MFL leagues


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Q: I use Yahoo! for email, and I've had long delays in receiving email from MyFantasyLeague.com recently - why?



A: Unfortunately, Yahoo! seems to be forcing a delay in the delivery of many emails from MyFantasyLeague.com - sometimes the delay is as little as four hours, but in other cases, the delay is days long. We've been in touch with the folks at Yahoo to try to get this issue resolved, but as of today (August 26th, 2009), we don't have a resolution to this problem.


In the mean time, here are a couple of things you might want to consider doing if you're experiencing this problem:


1 ) Contact Yahoo, and let them know about this delay, and how it's aversely impacting you. If they hear this message from enough customers, there's a better chance they'll actually fix this problem, rather than letting it linger.


2 ) Create another email account on one of the many free email services out there that don't have this problem, like Google's Gmail


3 ) Check your MyFantasyLeague.com league web site more frequently, instead of relying on Yahoo!'s email delivery.

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I know it doesn't help anyone affected by this, but you get what you pay for sometimes. Or in some cases with spam filtering, you don't get the convenience of white listing senders that are important to you.


I'm the network admin for a web development company and I'm usually the one our clients turn to when their ecommerce customers complaint to them that they didn't get a receipt email or notification that something shipped. On more then a few occasions the issue has been the free email account server either rejecting our message as spam, accepting it and putting it in a spam folder, or the worst, accepting it and silently dropping it. Google does the latter from time to time and makes it very difficult to resolve, and since Google can do no bad, the customer doesn't believe us.

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