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What do you guys think about David Garrard this season?

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I messed up and ended up waiting too long to draft a quarter back. I ended up picking up Garrard and Favre in a 10 team PPR and PPC league. Do you guys think he's gonna be better then last year? Think that O-line is gonna be tighter? I'm a lil worried.


If i package a deal, who should I package and for who? This is My team...


David Garrard

Brett Favre

Calvin Johnson

Matt forte

Steve Smith

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Lavernius Coles

Pierre Thomas

Zach Miller

Ray Rice

Lance Moore

Darren Mcfadden


We are also using defenive players and someone offered me a trade of ED Reed or palamolou for Barrett Ruud....Should I try to get one of those guys and a QB for Ruud and Garrard?

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Ouch. That kinda hurts. Hope you at least stole some good rbs and wrs. I think I would go with Favre in a PPC league as long as they dont decuct too much for picks. If youve got some decent depth at rb or wr maybe try and package one of them and one of your qbs to upgrade that spot.

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What do I think of David Garrard?


Uh, nothing, since when I read the thread title I went "hmm, I don't think I've thought of him AT ALL." And I've had two drafts so far.

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garrard was a top 12 fantasy qb last year. he wont dazzle with yards and tds like brees and brady but he wont lose you games either, i see him getting back to 07 form of somewhere around 20 tds and under 10 picsk. that said iwould try and package a deal, but if ur stuck, i wouldnt be too upset

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