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Live Auction Values


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Just had my live Auction the other night. 12 team league non PPR Performance 3pts Passing TD; 1pt/20 yds pass; 6pts Rush/RCV TD; 1pt/10yds rush/rcv

Start 1QB, 1RB, 3WR positions (WR and TE combined), 1FLEX (RB or WR position), 1 K, 1 DEF, 5 bench spots (any positions)

$100 Auction CAP... how do you think I did??


Here is how I spent my $$:

Megatron 21%

Steve Slaton 21%

Pierre Thomas 16%

Roddy White 16%

T.O. 8%

Matt Ryan 5%

Cedric Benson 3%

Rob Bironas 1%

Jamal Lewis 2%

Derrick Ward 2%

Chargers DEF 1%

Brandon Marshall 2%

Antonio Bryant 2%

Total 100%


I spent all of my $$. There was about $51 of money still left on the table between all 12 teams with 2 of the teams having $17 and $21 remaining :D

I left the auction extremely happy w/ my team b/c I was very high on Slaton, Megatron, Pierre Thomas and Roddy White! Although the news of Pierre Thomas is disappointing :D I'm still pretty high on him though and think he will come back strong. I love some of the values I was able to get towards the bottom of my lineup and Brandon Marshall is my $2 lottery ticket (not expecting to win, but if it turns out it might be big).


Some observations during the auction:

It's almost impossible to gauge who will be the great values of the auction (as there is always great values), so I always think to grab the players you are high on if they are at a value... some players you think are going for cheap will eventually go for inflated values b/c the talent starts running thin... I thought I was getting great value w/ Slaton for 21% of team budget but LT went later on for 19%!!! :wacko: but I really like Slaton this year so I'm not that upset... Early in the auction I always throw out the players that I have budgeted for 1% but know that many others might be high on to get them to go for a considerable amount over their budgeted values...


Chester Taylor 8%

Steve Breaston 7%

Kevin Walter 7%


With only a total of $1,200 able to be spent getting those players to go for 700% of their projected values is pretty huge!


Some of the great values of the Auction:

LT 19%!!!!

Brian Westbrook 7%

Brandon Marshall 2%

Jay Cutler 2%

Matt Ryan 5%

Derrick Ward 2%

Jonathan Stewart 1%!!!!!!

Matt Forte 23%

Ronnie Brown 7%

Run DMC 4%

Thomas Jones 5%

D Bowe 12%

Boldin 11%

TO 8%

Eddie Royal 2%

Colston 11%

Julius Jones 1%!!!! (not that high on JuJones, but 1% for a RB1 is great in 12 man league)


I really like my team a lot but 1 team came away w/


Andre Johnson

Reggie Wayne


Beanie Wells


(solid starting core big risk/reward at RB but easily the most solid WR trio you could have in 12 man league)


and another team came away with



Ronnie Brown


Bernard Berrian

Ryan Grant

Donovan McNabb

Derrick Mason

Donald Brown

(3rd WR is very boring in Derrick Mason, but w/ those RBs he will very easily get a top tier WR...)


Hope this helps w/ upcoming Auctions and any/all feedback critiques are very much appreciated!!!


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I think you overpaid for CJ in a non-PPR and would be leery of Ryan as my starter for sure, but overall a good team IMO and great depth.


Good call BeeR! I did overpay on Mega by about 3%... I had him on my board for around 18% w/ a 20% overpay value of 22%... but I really like Mega this yr considering he's now a 3rd yr receiver and goes into the season w/ a much better QB situation than Dan Orlovsky and other.... and Motor City is still going to be playing from behind and going through the air...


I do like my depth a lot too but, hindsight 20/20, I think I would trade some of the depth and Megatron for LT, Westbrook and Colston... those were some great values there!! But you never know how things will shake out in a auction!


Thanks for the feedback BeeR! :wacko:

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