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My 1st of 3 drafts this week, any feedback is appreaciated


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12 round draft, I had the 10th pick.


The scoring on our league has a little variation:


***We get 1 point per 3 receptions (so kinda a ppr league, but not really)


***QBs get .125 points per completion, and -.125 points per incompletion. So a QB who's 20 out of 27 will get a few bonus points, a qb who's 15 out of 40 will lose a few points.


We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 DEF, 1 KR, 3 IDPs (one of them has to be a DB).........


1. (10) Randy Moss

2. (15) Steven Jackson

3. (34) Philip Rivers

4. (39) Ryan Grant

5. (58) Chad Ochocinco

6. (63) Vincent Jackson

7. (82) Ray Rice

8. (87) Visanthe Shiancoe

9. (106) Felix Jones

10. (111) Ted Ginn Jr.

11. (130) Cedric Benson

12. (135) Matt Hasselbeck

13. (154) Patrick Willis

14. (159) Percy Harvin

15. (178) Ahmad Bradshaw

16. (183) New England

17. (202) Ryan Longwell

18. (207) Eric Weddle

19. (226) D'Qwell Jackson


There was an early run on QBs, so I took Rivers earlier than I woulda liked, but the players that I wanted next still fell to me.


Percy Harvin mighta been a reach, but that late in the draft, was just looking for some high risk/high reward players

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