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rate my team


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12 Team I had the number 5 pick. How do you think I did

.....6pt TDs.....1 pt. 10 yards rushing/receiving.....1 pt. 25yrd/passing.......


1. (5) Chris Johnson RB

2. (20) Tom Brady QB

3. (29) Marques Colston WR

4. (44) Ray Rice RB

5. (53) Chad Ochocinco WR

6. (68) Joseph Addai RB

7. (77) Minnesota DEF

8. (92) Kellen Winslow TE

9. (101) Donald Brown RB

10. (116) Nate Kaeding K

11. (125) LeSean McCoy RB

12. (140) Joe Flacco QB

13. (149) David Clowney WR

14. (164) Nate Washington WR

15. (173) Laurent Robinson WR

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1. (5) Chris Johnson RB Eh, ok pick here. You must have a good feeling about him

2. (20) Tom Brady QB Nice pick here

3. (29) Marques Colston WR nice

4. (44) Ray Rice RB Wow, no waiting around ehh. I have gotten him a few rounds later in every draft

5. (53) Chad Ochocinco WR Im not sold

6. (68) Joseph Addai RB Won't draft him this year

7. (77) Minnesota DEF Too early and it isn't even Pitt's Defense

8. (92) Kellen Winslow TE Probably could have waited till later

9. (101) Donald Brown RB I like this because it covers the addai FAIL

10. (116) Nate Kaeding K I drafted him...i think in almost the last round

11. (125) LeSean McCoy RB nice value here

12. (140) Joe Flacco QB ugh

13. (149) David Clowney WR nice, i heard he may be the #2...although it won't matter as Sanchez won't be throwing all that much

14. (164) Nate Washington WR hurt

15. (173) Laurent Robinson WR hailmarry pick i guess..

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