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Should I offer Housh, LJ to acquire Rice, Berrian

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Team is first listed in sig. 0.5 PPR.


Option 1: Give up Housh (ouch) and LJ (no biggie) for Rice & Berrian


This gives me Rice/Felix at the flex instead of Housh/Felix.


Option 2:


I could also consider giving Colston/Housh/LJ for Steve Smith/Rice/Berrian.


This upgrades my WR starters giving me Smith over Colston and gives me Felix/Rice at flex.


Option 3: Stand pat.

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Another note: I'm commish of the league and we have several FF rookies, so I am looking to make deals that are fair and not try to fleece anyone.


Both deals give him better depth at WR but he takes a hit at RB.


2nd trade would upgrade his WR depth giving him Owens, Colston, & Housh instead of Smith, Owens, Berrian but would hurt him at RB where he would have MJD/Barber/LJ/Ward/Graham instead of MJD/Barber/Rice/Ward/Graham.

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1) I really think Housh is going to be a monster this year, the man's hands are glue and Hassleback is looking good in pre-season, I'd be hard pressed to move him

2) Given what we know about the offenses of New Orleans and Carolina, It's a fair wager to say by the end of year Colston may score more FF points than Smith (so long as he remains healthy)


It seems the aim of both trades is for you to acquire Ray Rice...who's a nice little player, but still plays in a backfield where McLain and McGahee are going to get their touches.


I'd stand pat

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