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Trebuchet Game


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Can't get past level 5. :D


When do I get upgraded weapons?


5 is indeed pretty hard. I'm a little stuck on it now. earlier I got up to level 19 and quit, and the damn thing doesn't save your progress if you quit out. :wacko: anyway, the way I got level 5 earlier was just tagging the flag directly several times....that scores you pretty good points with each hit, and the last hit toppled the part surrounding the king.

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14 minutes to do the first 23 castles and 13 minuter get that last one.


DAM....Same problem. Actually I found that the best/default weapon wasn't the best throughout. :wacko: Not sure how I got thru it w/ the default weapons the first time, as I having a problem on the second round! :D

Cool Game TEACH!


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