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#2 pick- ppr, QB heavy scoring


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In my league, QB's score big because of three things:


1) 6 pts passing tds

2) 3 pts bonus for 300 yds passing, 6 pts bonus for 400 yds passing

3) -2 for interceptions


Brees had 70 more pts than his closest competitor last year. Brady had over 100 more the year before. In all my years of playing FF (over 15 in several different leagues) I've never taken a qb in the first round. Have always been dead set against it. This year, I'm reconsidering because I don't like the options at 2.


AP is going number one (according the guy at that spot)


Jones-Drew- I seriously have major doubts about this guy. He's never run for 1,000 yards in a season and is somewhat inconsistent. He's never come close to a 300 carry season as well. Yes, he catches balls and scores 12-13 tds but is that what you want from the number 2 pick in the draft? So what fragile Freddy is gone. Is Jville going to be any good this year anyway?


Forte- yards per carry scare me as that offensive line stinks in Chicago. Huddle seems down on him ranking him 8th. Plays the two top run defenses in the league during the playoffs (Balt and Minn).


Turner- was the top RB in my scoring system last year due to bonuses from 100 and 200 yd games and td's. Can he keep up the td pace from last year w/ Tony G now and Matt Ryan throwing more? Much more difficult run defenses (his huge games were against patsies last year).


Or do I go Brees and just be set and feel comfortable about QB for the year? I would love to take one of those RB's and pick up Brady, Rodgers or Manning on the way back but they'll be gone in this scoring.



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