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So I waited late to draft a TE as most people who did not get Gates, Witten, Clark and Gonzalez. I had four choices to choose from:


Jeremy Shockey

Zach Miller

John Carlson

Kevin Boss


I drafted Shockey for some reason, now I am second guessing it. Miller, Carlson and Boss are still available. AM I NUTS FOR DRAFTING SHOCKEY?


Thanks in advance.


TD Reception - 6 points

2pt Receiving Conversion - 2 points

Every 10 receiving yards - 1 point

Each reception - 1 point

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I would have taken Carlson first as well but I'm tired of people killing shockey. I think he'll stay healthy and do fine this year. Look at picking up Schefller or Jermichael Finley if they are still available. I think Finley is going to be a TD magnet.

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I like Shockey this year, if he stays healthy he is in a very explosive offense...sure he will be competing for touches but look at the success Clark has had in past years....if you have room on your roster though you might think about picking up Carlson.


I think both those guys will do good and part way through the season see if you can't work one into a trade that benefits you...thats exactly what I'm doing on one of my teams. I'm sure somebody will have a whole at TE at some point in the season because there really aren't many top options at that position....although it has gotten better in the past few years.


In my opinion Shockey and Carlson are seriously undervalued this season and flying under the radar in most drafts.

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