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McFadden or Johnson for Berrian?


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Would anyone trade McFadden or Larry Johnson for Bernard Barrian in a ppr league? I have Johnson and Portis at running back already and my WR's are Steve Smith (Carolina), Roy Williams and Lee Evans. So I feel like I'm week at WR. Should I try this?

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So I would definitely not trade McFadden (a pass catching RB) for Berrian


I would probably trade Larry Johnson for Bernard Berrian in a ppr league...assuming I had enough depth at RB, which is a tad bit unclear in your post.


Berrian's value in PPR is not especially high as he doesn't catch a ton of balls, but a few long ones, he's a feast or famine guy, who will probably benefit a bit from Brett Favre being there....I do agree that your WR is a big week in a PPR format with none of your primary WRs really being possession type receivers that generate a lot of PPR points..


I might recommend looking at acquiring a possession guy you can plug in every week...like Lavernus Coles, Eddie Royal, Derek Mason (who look oh so good in preseason), Donald Driver, or Hines Ward....they aren't sexy players, but in PPR format they'll be the foundation you can make some risky plays with.


Best of Luck,



(Check out my new blog post about sleepers if you get a chance, link in my signature!)

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