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Would you straight up trade draft positions


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This may seem silly, but I drew the 1st pick in my draft tomorrow, and I'm sorta considering swapping with the guy who has the 5th pick.


Our league gives 1 point per 3 receptions, so it's sort've a hybrid ppr/standard league.


My theory is that in my head, I'm giving similar value to Peterson, Jones-Drew, Turner, and I also like Forte & Deangelo. With the 5th pick, my worst case scenario is that I land one of those 5.


The chess match part is that the guy who has the 4th pick happens to subscribe to the same cheatsheets as me, and I have a feeling from chatting in the office (it's a work league) that he's going WR in the 2nd round, so if I drafted 5th, then I'm sorta tied to him throughout the whole draft, but I can snipe the better receiver.



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