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Who to take at #5


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I have the 5th pick in a 14 team serpentine draft. Standard scoring with a 1/2 PPR for receivers only and bonus points for yardage at all positions. We start 1QB, 4 FLEX, 1TE, 1K and 1D. The 4 flex positions must contain 1 RB and 1WR and then the other two can be either RB's or WR's. Not sure what to do? If you don't take a RB they are depleted when it gets back but it looks like the value would be at WR with the 1/2 PPR. Any advice would be great!!

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I got Tomlinson at #5 in my draft. In round 1, I always go with the guy who will score the most points. In a 14 team league you have 18 picks before it comes back to you. I can say that it is very likely that you will have a 3rd tier RB available and at best a 2nd tier WR when it gets back to you. That is also assuming that 4 QBs are gone as well.


Good luck - makes me happy to only have 12 teams in my league.

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