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Keeper League Draft Help


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My Keeper League draft starts tomorrow night. I have the third overall pick. The two people ahead of me did not keep a player in the first round so a couple of these players will be gone. Good QB's go early because you can start two. In years past I would wait until the 5th and 6th round to draft an average qb like Delhome, Campbell or Garrard. Last year I was lucky and got Warner in the 14th. I will list the players that could be available. My next selection will not be until the 4th round. Scoring and my four keepers are in my sig. Thanks in advance for your input and best of luck this season.


QB's: Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer

RB's: LaDanian Tomlinson, Steve Slaton,Pierre Thomas, Ryan Grant

WR'S: Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Not considering either. I just thought I would list.)

TE's: Antonio Gates

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Lineup requirements?


Most likely, I'd advocate a QB given you start 2, and unless you can start 3 RBs, LT and Slaton have reduced value to you (unless you can deal an RB for an elite QB). I guess I would still be tempted to grab LT or Slaton if Manning is gone, but with no pick until the 4th, it is a risky strategy.

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Sorry. I need to update my sig with lineup requirements.Total Starters: 16

Number of Starting QBs: 1-2

Number of Starting RBs: 1-4

Number of Starting WRs: 1-4

Number of Starting TEs: 1-2

Number of Starting PKs: 1

Number of Starting DT+DEs: 2-3

Number of Starting LBs: 2-3

Number of Starting CB+Ss: 2-3

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