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Waiver wire pickup the day after the draft?


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See my signature for my team and scoring.


Keep in mind that rosters are frozen at 2QB, 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K, 2 D/ST - we had a guy with a bench full of RB one year, so the commish made the rule.


Ernest Graham and Sammy Morris (both listed as starters) are available, but are either of these an upgrade?


Ted Ginn Jr., Devery Henderson Muhsim Muhammed and Isaac Bruce - again are these any upgrade?


Any advice is appreciated.


As noted in previous posts, I found out at the draft that we now have 12 teams so I stupidly followed the herd at times to make sure that I wasn't left out of the party and tried to get the best players at positions of need that were dwindling. I normally follow my plans pretty close and have had very good luck, but was feeling very lost seeing an extra 4 guys go before my picks every other round.



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I don't like any of the players you listed as free agents over your existing team, though it's close with Graham over McGahee, but it's really just trading one bad RBBC situation for another RBBC...


Pulling from another thread in this forum, is James Davis - RB CLE available? I'd probably drop McGahee for an upside guy like that...gives you Tomlinson and Portis as your starters with Wells as your primary guy off the bench and then a potential long shot big upside guy like Davis in the fourth spot in case he takes over as starter...


Your solid at WR I wouldn't change a thing there.


Best of Luck,



(Check out my blog post, link in siggy, for some other deep sleepers!)

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