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Warner and Colston for Fitzgerald


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In my auction league (performance scoring), I landed Fitzgerald, A. Peterson, and L. Tomlinson. A three headed monster I know, but at the expense of almost every other position. My QB's are Shaun Hill and Jake Delhomme which I admit is weak, but I feel like S. Hill has some upside to him. Will Kurt Warner and Colston outproduce S. Hill and Fitzgerald is the obvious question. I'm leaning to think that the trade would benefit me slightly. What you think?

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I'm in the camp that believes Warner may not last the entire season without an injury. If you yourself thinks the trade would only benefit you "slightly," I would stay put with the 3 headed monster. QBs come out of nowhere every season, and even if Hill/Delhomme put up garbage, you could snatch up a QB on waivers later on.


That being said, if Warner does stay healthy, I think he + Colston outperform Fitz + Hill. (Also, all this being said without knowing your scoring system.)

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you know the old saying ASYS (always start your studs)?


a second saying could be NTYS never trade your studs (unless you are getting a stud in return) and I don't see you doing that.


I would not do it. you can get a QB on the wire, last year Cassel, Thigpen etc..

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I'm not big on Hill but if you are than go with him. Who is on waivers? Couple of guys that are available in my leagues have been David Garrard and Chad Pennington, I mean not Brady or Manning but I think better than Hill. Pennington is more consistent but Garrard might be due for a bounce back year.


Even if these guys aren't available you might try to make a trade for somebodies back ups with one of your back up rbs or wrs. Delhomme is a serviceable fantasy qb though so its up to you.


I think your core is solid and you might just sit, wait, and watch the waiver wire. I mean the Browns still haven't picked a starter and maybe Anderson can light it up again...doubt it but maybe.


So three options I think that are best.


Pick up a better fa off of waivers like Pennington or Garrard if decent upgrade is available.

Make a trade but don't trade a stud for a top qb, the production spread really isn't that huge at the qb position between mid-top level qbs.

Sit and see if somebody like Anderson, Brady, Sanchez, Leftwhich don't emerge as startable qbs.

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