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James Davis - More mid to late season upside potential than Benson, Felix Jones, or Bradshaw?


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I have SJax, Grant, Rice, Benson, Felix Jones, and Bradshaw on my team.


I think I'm pretty deep for the start of the season.


However, I'd be willing to sacrifice beginning of the season depth for one of those guys for a rookie who could emerge by the playoffs.


Is James Davis worth dropping any of those guys for?

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Possibly not for any of those guys, but watch the cuts this weekend in the NFL. Their is a rumor that Jamal Lewis might be cut this weekend. If that is the case, James Davis tops all those guys.


Davis has looked really good, and is a good fit in Cleveland. He is a power back and is a perfect fit for Mangini's offense.


Davis is very close to Bradshaw in potential.


I do believe he will be the starter sooner than later.

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Personally, I would have passed on Bradshaw in the draft and targeted Davis later if that is what you wanted to do. But now that is a hard move to make because you have already passed on a valuable player you could have drafted instead of Bradshaw and you have to give him up for a guy with a less defined role. I like your line of thinking here to be sure, and if you really are feeling it for Davis, go for it. Just an FYI, I found myself in desperate straits for a RB in a draft this weekend and I did select James Davis only 4 picks after Bradshaw. Kind of a necessary "swing for the fences" pick the way I drafted, so I was in a little different position than you are where you have a decent core of RBs regardless of what you do with that roster spot.

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we need to be clear about such things.


"Rumor" is something a legit source heard from another legit source, but hasn't been able to verify it through other sources, yet.


What you read was pure BS speculation with nothing legit about it.

Actually I heard it on Sirius NFL Radio, on the Fantasy Football show tonight from 7-9. Both host said their is good possibility this might happen because of Lewis not doing to well. I do think they were speculating, but it was a legit source.

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